Heatwave Plumbing Ltd was established in 2011 focused on an industry with ever growing demands. Our objectives to operate as a responsible contractor, providing an outstanding service to the new build sector and becoming a highly recognised company are at the full front of the company’s management team.

Our Vision & Mission

The company’s vision to become a market leader is reflected by the success since our incorporation during an economic down turn; We aim to offer the best commercial plumbing services in our industry.

How do we plan to achieve it?

We understand that the only way to achieve our goal is to pay utmost importance to professionalism, follow the strictest codes of practice, display the best work ethics and maintain a strong relationship with our clients.

Our Services:

Our services include plumbing & heating installations for new build construction schemes. We are very proud to be working with some of the largest residential developers in the country.

Heatwave Domestic Plumbing Ltd provides a committed customer care service capable of maintaining & servicing all of our installations throughout the contractual period. Incorporating an “out of hour’s emergency service” our team of aftercare individuals are always available to offer their assistance.
You can contact our customer care team any time to discuss your requirements.


Why Heatwave Plumbing should be considered for your development

  • Experienced Commercial department preparing precise tender applications
  • Extensive design and off site works included
  • Consistent supervision & Quality Control measures
  • Adherence to build programme
  • On/Off site Health & Safety management
  • Committed to environmental awareness
  • Fully Qualified and committed workforce
  • Compliant with the latest Building & Water regulations
  • Dedicated Professional customer Care service
  • Accredited team with great attention to detail

Our Team:

Heatwave Plumbing ltd possess a gifted team of individuals; attracted by the opportunities on offer, our reputation and the working environment we provide. Our employees are highly experienced and extremely focused on the contribution they make to each successful project. The majority of our employees have been with us since we incorporated in 2011, we truly value our people.

The management team at Heatwave Plumbing Ltd have over 50 years combined experience in the new build industry. Individual team members are well known and respected across the industry. Some of which have won awards for their personal contributions to the Plumbing & Heating profession in the UK.

“Businesses are simply groups of people; However when teamed together with the same mind set can make the success of our company”

Oliver Macey
Managing Director